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At The Whisk, we make cakes and desserts that tell stories of the season, fuse flavors of the east and west, and marry sweet with salt.


My company gave out tea cakes as employee Thanksgiving gifts. They cakes were delicious and the packaging was beautiful. The team loved them, and we were very happy to support this amazing local small business!

I wanted to bring something festive to each of my neighbors (14 people since we live in the city) for this Thanksgiving, but I didn't have time to bake myself. The Whisk to the rescue! It was perfect. 14 lovely orange cranberry teacakes, wrapped and packaged to perfection and really well made. The owner is super responsive and the whole experience was great from start to finish. Thank you!

I drove 45 minutes to pick up these red velvet brownies and a cake jar. So worth it. They made the perfect touch to gifts & everyone who tried them loved them as well. Microwaved brownie for 10-15 seconds and it was the best dessert.

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